UBM SportMovementTeam Ltd United Kingdom

Hello everyone my name is UBM I am Diego's brother, 
I still have to recover from the untimely death
of dear Diego, a humble, sincere, true person.
I will tell you everything about my brother we had
a wonderful relationship.
Diego was like that, a good champion, simple, true,
I am an expert in Marketing Communication Image and
I dedicate this Blog to Diego.
I had to learn English and now I am catapulted to Didcot
in the United Kingdom, I am a Support Worker Bricklayer
and I am also Hoddy. Mac Mac Mac...ShowelAndShowel...JointJointJoint.
Welcome to the truest craziest Channell Blog in the world,
where humility friendship cooperation will make
us reflect on many things ...
Diego was like that with all his problems,
But one thing is certain he hasn't hurt
anyone but himself. Dedicated to Diego Armando @UBM United Kingdom Best Italian Bricklayer Worker Hoddy. Broadway Street, Didcot

Maradona Brothers

Wash your mouth and look in the mirror 
before talking about my dear brother Diego,
how dare you criticize him as the greatest
footballer and man of all time.
UBM SportMovementTeam

UBM has always drink a very good drink but in the
United Kingdom it cannot be found so it loses
its brain...

for Red Bull which gives it wings.

A huge thank you to Red Bull this fabulous Energy Drink 
that we consume while we work to increase production, a very good drink that gives you wings
and so we can make the bricks fly. UBM10 Captain

Click on the image above to discover the fabulous world of Red Bull 
below you will find the UBM You Tube Channel.

UBM Ltd Didcot Broadway Strett United Kingdom

By clicking on the image you will discover the tricks to improve the organization 
of a construction site and speed up the work by following the magic systems
and tricks of UBM.